Interest rates for Johnson County, Jackson County and the surrounding Kansas City metro area are improving today. Mortgage Backed Securities have been fighting a tough triple layer of resistance the last couple of days. If they are able to break through the resistance we could see lower rates in the near future. If Mortgage Backed Securities are turned away once again from this tough layer of resistance we will see rates go up again. September is notorious for being a poor month for the stock market. If the market continues to falter like it is right now we could see a convincing break above the current resistance and see lower interest rates. The door usually doesn’t stay open very long when the opportunity arises to lock in for a low interest rate. The best strategy at this point is to have everything ready to go and lock in at the first sign that the market starts to turn for the worst. Call Curtis Schartz at Pulaski Bank Home Loans to get your Mortgage Plan in place so you are prepared to save the most amount of money on a No Cost Refinance.

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