My name is Curtis Schartz.  I am a creative, passionate and empowered certified mortgage planner.  Unlike most mortgage professionals, I devote my time and energy on you; solving your mortgage needs.  We are in this together: my success is your success.

To divulge a little info about me:  I grew up in a small town in central Kansas called Ellinwood.  I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas, so as you can guess, my wife and I are avid Jayhawk fans.  I enjoy spending time on Grand Lake in the summers with my family and friends.  And in the winter I find great joy and peace as a sportsmen being outdoors and in the woods hunting various game.

I love what I do in the mortgage industry, working with my clients.  In fact, my mission is to build strong, lifelong relationships, one person at a time – to become your Mortgage Planner for life.
My approach to this business is different than most.  By referral only is a mindset on which I continue to build my business.  I spend 100% of my time giving you world-class service, guaranteed!  You will be so happy with the service I provide, you will be eager to refer those closest to you so that I can assist them with their mortgage needs.

Please call me 913-707-1525 or write today so I can help you start saving money right away.

My goal is to help you make an educated decision as to which mortgage product is right for you. I will do that by asking you a series of thought provoking questions so that I can get a good idea of where you are at financially. From there I will put together several mortgage plans for you so that we can examine the differences in tax efficiencies and cash flow. Once I close your loan the service doesn’t stop. I will continue to manage your mortgage for you. I will keep track of your rate and if rates drop to a point where I can save you 40 or $50 per as a low cost or no cost refinance you will be hearing from me. You will receive all of this great service along with the lowest rates and costs on the market.

If that sounds great to you then call or write me so we can get started saving you money right away.